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Footie Club Prevents Anti-Pokie Activists from Leasing Space on Team Jumper

If there’s anything that we know about anti-pokie activists, it’s that they’ll do everything in their power to gain even a modicum of attention. Thankfully, one such attempt at a campaign had been squelched out this Tuesday.

The St. Kilda Football Club, a member of the Australian Football League, was frantically looking for a major co-sponsor a few weeks back. In a stroke of marketing genius, the management has taken to raffling off a vacant space for its team’s jumpers. The price of the raffle ticket? A quite steep three-thousand and three hundred dollars for each one sold.

While the Saints were opening their contest to all corporate comers, there was particularly one which they had barred from entering for reasons that the management feels will only distract from the issue at hand.
Anti-pokies crusader Paul Bendat was, as it turned out, a member of the St. Kilda’s Board. Attempting to bid for a space on the team’s banners, instead of planning to roll out a brand, he basically was pushing for a message reading “No Pokies” on the team’s jumpers because it tried to call attention to a political ploy on which the team does not want to involve itself in.

Speaking to the local dailies this Tuesday, Bendat was very opne in expressing his disappointment over the whole thing. Commenting on all of the AFL Clubs’ supposed reliance on pokie revenues, he said, “The Saints should never have allowed the club's reputation to be sullied by its association with (Saints’ sponsor) Centrebet.”

He also reasoned out the fact that “Children look up to their footy heroes… They shouldn't have to see their heroes turned into human billboards for the gambling industry.”

The AFL, for its part, was willing to take an active part as a mediator for the clubs and consortiums that want to lease or even buy out the reported two thousand pokie machines that are still under the ownership of several AFL clubs. One of our favorite online pokies sites is

It does seem puzzling how Bendat was able to remain so wealthy when he is vehemently against the sponsors that the clubs use just to remain in business. Oh well, the last thing we need is another case of a bleeding, martyred heart on the pitch.

Online Video Poker Tips: Gamble Game

Some of the emerging video poker games online are those that are with newly established features. These features do not directly affect the outcome of the game, but they serve as interesting factor for new and old video poker players. One such feature is the Gamble Game feature. In this feature, you can try to increase your winning payouts by double or quadruple rates. Each Gamble Game feature from different video poker games all have specific mini games that determine whether your payouts can be increased or not. These mini games are not that difficult since they are, more often than not, games of chance and randomness. The one problem of this feature is that it is a high risk. If you win, then your payouts are increases. But if you lose the Gamble Game, then you stand to lose all the winning payouts that you received in one round. To effectively use such a feature so that it becomes a benefit rather than a liability, below are some tips for you to base on while considering the Gamble Game feature.

Tip # 1: Don't play it. The reason why video poker is not developed to have many features is because it is already a strategy-based game where your full concentration on strategies are needed. Moreover, this feature does not present any advantage in terms of house edge. If you want to concentrate your attention in playing the strategies for each poker round, then it would be better to leave this feature alone. 

Tip # 2: This feature is developed for a reason and it would be a total waste not to maximize the enjoyment that it brings. Aside from the thrilling fact that you can win a payout doubled or quadrupled up from what you originally won, you can also exercise your luck while wagering on the Gamble Game. Therefore, it is also good to play this feature once in a while. But since there is a high risk of losing your payouts, you should choose video poker games that do not allow the bonus feature to go overboard. Examples of such games are some multi-hand video pokers. To illustrate, imagine that you placed a wagering amount of $1 and that after the normal game you gained a $0.5. You then decided to wager $0.5 in the Gamble Game. If you win, then you already recover your initial bet and you should not go beyond such a situation.

Tip # 3: Look for video poker games which offer the perfect Gamble Game feature. The specifications of such a Gamble Game feature is that it allows you to keep half of your winning payouts to and gamble half for the Gamble Game. This way, you do not lose completely even if you do lose the Gamble Game since you already have the half payout you retained. And if you do win, then half a percentage of your original payout is multiplied by either two or four.